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Board of Directors


Alan Freeman

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod


Dr. Erin Vader

Jefferson City Catholic Schools

Rabbi Shlomo Sokora

Agudath Israel Schools 

Danny Maggart

Great Plains Alliance of Christian Schools

Dr. Daniel Peters

Kansas City - St. Joseph Catholic Schools

Suzanne McCanles

Kansas City Independent Schools 

Rob Huff

Springfield - Cape Girardeau Catholic Schools

Maureen DePriest 

St. Louis Catholic Schools

Jamie Driver 

St. Louis Independent Schools

Executive Director

Nicolette Gibson

The Missouri Council for American Private Education was formed in 1981. It was the first of the 33 state-level affiliates of the Council for American Private Education.

MoCAPE seeks to promote the vitality of Missouri's private and religious schools by:

  • providing a framework for communication and cooperation among members fostering sound public policy regarding private and religious schools

  • encouraging diversity in education

  • striving to provide families with a choice of schools for their children

MoCAPE serves its member schools by:

  • Communicating with partner schools to inform them about state and federal programs and how to participate in them.

  • Offering monthly trainings to members on relevant and meaningful topics.

  • Coordinating efforts regionally and across the state in response to legislation that will impact member schools. 

  • Working with Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) officials to enhance cooperation and facilitate participation of private schools in state and federal education programs.

  • Monitoring proposed state education legislation that could impact private and religious schools and advocating on behalf of member schools. 

  • Working with CAPE and State CAPE Network to engage legislators at the national level and advocate on behalf of member schools.

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